Semalt Explains How To Perform Effective Link Outreach During The Covid-19 Pandemic

While we've been riding the wave of the Сovid-19 pandemic for a while now, it is quite evident that several websites still suffer the effect. Link-building outreaches during the pandemic have obviously changed in this time of crisis, and it now needs a more thoughtful and strategic approach. 

Here are some tips on how to build quality links during the pandemic.
Here we are, almost a year since we first heard of Covid-19. As the health crisis continues to rage on, many SEO experts are in need of more answers about what strategy to use when executing link outreach. 

During a crisis or during times of crisis, it is often important that you spend more time improving your link outreach. This may sound like a lot to handle, and the good news is that you do not have to do this on your own. Semalt has been helping websites for years, and we are here to help you through this crisis. We are able to identify the right person to contact and vividly picture their situation to understand what they might be going through so we can craft a sensitive and humanizing message.

Ways to generate quality links in 2021

Through this pandemic, our team at Semalt has had to find new strategies on how we can deliver the same level of quality and relevant links our clients expect from us. Through our research, we've gained some helpful insight about how we can modify our link outreach campaign during the pandemic. 

We have begun applying the lessons learned to our outreach to be more successful in securing quality backlinks during these trying times. 

Personalizing link outreach

One way to emphasize the importance of this point will be "Personlaized link outreaches is king." In this era and pandemic, personalization is vital, especially when your outreach is based on emails. Times are difficult, and people need someone or a brand that is sensitive to these difficulties. 

The time has come for brands to be able to put themselves in the shoes of their target audience and consider how things might have changed due to the limitations that came with the pandemic. Consider the lockdowns, mandates, layoffs, restrictions, etc. 

Why has personalizing link outreach become so effective?

Websites now need to truly understand what is important to their customers and how they can apply it within the context of this pandemic, and how you can be the solution. For example, if your brand promotes an asset about mental health and wellness, your target for links will be .edu domains. Especially sites which still struggle with reopening and accommodating the influx of students. 

Most of these websites understand that their visitors will be looking for new content whenever they visit, so they would welcome contents that support the mental wellbeing of their student and staff. To earn a link from such sites, you will need to clearly state how beneficial your content will be to their audience in managing the pandemic life. Doing this will earn you a link and an opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship that is bound to earn you more links in the future. 

The challenges and stresses of the pandemic have made people have shorter attention spans, less time, and less patience for lazy template email outreaches. As the owner of a website, you probably wouldn't pay any attention to emails with generic greetings such as "Hello sir / ma", "Hello team", or "Hi there". If the person emailing you is determined to get a link, then you should put in more effort in figuring out what your name is and why you will be interested in reading their mail. 

Likewise, you should take some time to learn the name of the person receiving your outreach proposal and do better than other websites by asking how they are doing or mention something that has been helping you through the pandemic. You shouldn't only speak to their logic but also their emotions. 

Humanizing your outreach shows you have taken time to consider where they are emotionally and psychologically. It is these types of email outreaches that get read and replied to. 

Following Up On Your Outreach Emails

Since the pandemic began, we've all experienced drastic changes in our lives. Even now, we see how everyone struggles to adjust to the new normal as a result of COVID. With this new and constant chaos in our lives, the follow-up has become more critical for successful link outreach.

You must understand that people are busier than usual, and your email, no matter how good, may not be read or given quality attention. In fact, it is most likely that the business may not be taking its website as a priority at the moment, so they wouldn't consider any proposals related to improving their website at the moment, at least until things have calmed down. 

During the pandemic and after several layoffs, many workers have had to take on extra roles so responding to external emails might no longer be the primary job of the staff. It is important that you remain patient when you do not get a response and send follow-up messages to let them know you're still trying to get in touch. 

While follow-up is important, try not to go overboard and remain respectful within your follow-up emails. You may be tempted to follow up with a humorous and more aggressive approach, but we would advise you against that. While that approach may have been appropriate within the right circumstances, it may come off as offensive in this time of crisis. 

Now more than ever, you need to be as sensitive as you can and follow up your emails politely. Being pushy or making light of the situation is not the best way to get the job done. 

Do not limit your approach  to email outreaches alone

While email outreach is the most effective and common way to promote a website or webpage for links, limiting your link outreach to just email doesn't guarantee success. Covid-19 has forced many of us to make behavioral changes in both directions. We believe the shift to almost exclusively online communication is one good thing that has come out of the pandemic. This has opened some new doors for websites in terms of link outreach. 

Generally, we have become more comfortable with video conferencing as an alternative as more workers are forced to work remotely. This presents an opportunity for link acquisition because you can now hop on a video call in a matter of hours after sending a link-building email to chat and discuss the terms of the proposed link and the asset you're promoting. 

Obviously, this makes the outreach process simpler as it eliminates the need for the back and forth email thread since you are able to explain your proposal as if you were in the same room. Questions can be asked and answers provided in real-time. 

Furthermore, screen sharing allows you to show them exactly where your link should come in on their site and explain why it is a perfect fit. It then becomes easier to show them assets and highlight portions of your website that are most relevant to their audience. 

Video calls alone can save you from having to send and reply to 10+ emails which would have ended in rejection. It saves time and gives you a better chance at being successful. 

Leveraging social media within your outreach is another excellent idea. Social media provides another avenue through which you can reach your target audience. It also provides the contest that is essential in creating a more personalized outreach message. With social media, you have access to the most up-to-date insights on how a business or website is performing or surviving during the pandemic. Using this information, you can then create an outreach that stands out and trumps other link requests. 


Alongside learning more about your target's personal situation, we commit more resources to research which helps us frame the asset in a better context that will be compelling to them. Clearly, the health crisis has created a unique set of challenges for all of us, but with professionals like Semalt backing you, you're bound to succeed. By undertaking our outreach with care, we will get you relevant backlinks, and all you have to do is ask. 

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